Amethyst Faceted 8mm Bead Bracelet


16″ amethyst necklace made with 8mm faceted beads and magnetic silver plated clasp.

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Amethyst bracelet strung with 8mm faceted beads on elastic cord. One size fits most.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. With a hardness of 7, it has the highest iron content of any quartz, giving it a colour varying from a delicate orchid to a glorious violet. The world’s major amethyst occurrences are in Brazil, Uruguay and Africa. In Canada, amethyst is found in Thunder Bay, Ontario and is the official stone of that province.
The name amethyst is from the Greek ‘amethystos’ meaning ‘not drunken.’ The Greeks believed that amethyst prevents or cures intoxication and enhances the inner energy of its owner.

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