Our Commitment to Sustainability

We recognize the impact of climate change on all areas of the world, and want to do our part in preserving and protecting our environment whenever possible. Supporting small companies and using locally sourced items help both the environment and local economy.

Here is what we’re doing to lessen our environmental impact:

  • Whenever possible, we reuse packing materials and boxes for our shipments. We encourage our suppliers to do the same.
  • Most packing materials used (cardboard/paper/corn starch packing chips) are all recyclable, and we encourage you to reuse or recycle them once you receive your shipment.
  • We source local suppliers and made in Canada items whenever possible.
  • The abalone shell used in the jewellery we sell is from government regulated, managed fisheries – no wild abalone is disturbed.
  • All our jewellery is nickel and lead free.
  • Stone specimens and many other items have minimal packaging. Most packaging is recyclable.

We encourage everyone to do their part – every little bit helps, and together we can make a difference!