Carved Picture Jasper Heart


Carved Red Picture Jasper puffy heart. Approximate size 38 x 45mm.

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Carved Red Picture Jasper puffy heart. Sold individually, approximate size 38 x 45mm.
As these are made from natural stones, colours and patterns on stones may not be exactly as shown.

Red picture jasper is similar to standard picture jasper. The difference being that it contains more burgundy, red and peach tones along with the browns, tans and creams. Picture jaspers exhibit combinations of patterns, such as banding from flow or deposits carried by water or wind. These, generally brown and tan, dendritic or color variations result in scenes or images, on a cut section.

It is believed to connect you with the energy of sacred sites and ancient civilizations of the Earth to encourage an ecological responsibility. Picture Jasper helps to enliven and awaken creativity and initiative, making it an ideal stone for overcoming writer’s or artist’s block. This grounding energy inspires a strong sense of who you are, where you have been and where you are going. It is said to encourage creative visualization, creativity and business pursuits. It is also said to help alleviate fear.

The heart has long been used as a symbol to refer to the spiritual, emotional, moral and in the past, the intellectual core of a human being. As the heart was once widely believed to be the seat of the human soul, the word heart continues to be used poetically to refer to the soul and stylized depictions of hearts are used as prevalent symbols representing love.


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