Copper Bracelet – Blue Jay

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Approximate size 2.4 cm wide, 5 x 6.2 cm inside bangle.

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Copper bracelet with Bluejay design by Ojibway Artist Rick Beaver. “A Blue Jay, self-proclaimed sentinel, announces every intrusion into its forested world.”- Rick Beaver

Approximate size 2.4 cm wide, 5 x 6.2 cm inside bangle. Sides can be pulled or compressed to adjust size. Coated to prevent tarnishing, no polishing required.

Wearing copper bracelets for medicinal benefits has a long history, all the way back to ancient Egypt. Proposed benefits focus on reducing joint inflammation and easing pain. Researchers attribute the benefits of copper bracelets to the absorption of trace minerals into the bloodstream. Microminerals of iron and zinc, present in the copper, combine with sweat on the skin. From there, the body absorbs these minerals, adjusting any deficiency. A low constant dosage of these microminerals in the blood provides some people with immediate and long-term benefits for tissues an joints.

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Rick Beaver